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What are tree tents?

Posted by Emese Varga on

Ever woken up in a tent with a rock digging into your spine?
Or happened upon a perfect campsite only to find out that the slanted ground won’t cooperate?
Sleep above wet, bumpy and uneven terrain, and enjoy increased protection from snakes, bugs and other creepy crawlies.

These common camping issues disappear when sleeping in a tree tent.
The interior is accessible through a floor hatch or side door via a collapsible ladder.
Tree tents come in a variety of types and sizes to suit every kind of adventurer.

You may never want to come down!

Stingray Tree Tent:
The Stingray Tree Tent is one of a kind - made with a spacious, triple hammock interior that keeps campers separated and comfortable, and a rip-resistant durable micro-mesh that shields you from insects overhead.

The Stingray features a reinforced floor and three large hammock sleeping areas. in addition to handy drink holders, luggage nets, phone pockets, and tablet pouches.

With straps holding the Stingray aloft, it can be suspended between just about anything…trees, trucks, boulders, you name it. It has a removable rain fly for unbeatable views and superior protection, which can be pegged out to the ground, creating a large 160ft²/ 15m² of covered porch area.

Vista Tree Tent:
The 3 person Vista Tree Tent is the perfect hang-out for you and your gang. It features three open sides and a central floor hatch allowing easy access from every angle.

The Vista Tree Tent features a completely removable top so that you can become fully immersed in the surrounding Forest. It has three separated hammock berths and has the same footprint as our Stingray Tree Tent and Trillium triple hammock.

Using three strong anchor points, the Vista can be suspended above any ground conditions so you and your friends can literally hang out anywhere.

Connect Tree Tent:
The Connect is a truly awesome piece of equipment for any adventurous camper, featuring an adjustable double hammock bed with 2 large pockets on each side, full no-see-um mesh top with four fold away doors and a removable rain fly for unbeatable views.
The rain fly can be pegged out towards the ground, creating a large 120ft² / 9m² covered porch area and multi-story camping base. It can be suspended between three strong anchors such as trucks or boulders.

The Flite+ is our ultralight two-person Tree Tent - the perfect size for backpacking and adventuring deep into the wilderness.
Featuring a cross brace for extra headroom, the Flite+ is that little bit more spacious than its predecessor. It comes with only one small ratchet to save on weight, and its handy size means Flite+ can be set up between most tree configurations - even in dense forest.

The Flite+ has a full insect mesh top with 2 doors and a removable rain fly for unbeatable views. The fly can be pegged out to the ground, creating a covered porch area and multi-story camping base. The sleeping bed consists of a double tensioned hammock with a dividing strap down the middle that can be adjusted to create 1 or 2 hammock berths.

I hope this helps you to make your choice.

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